Monday, 17 March 2014

Fitting the vertical arms

View from bucket-wheel end

Awaiting vertical arms

View of winding drums from below

All set to install vertical arms
Lifters at the ready!
Front vertical arm going up

On the way up
Safely at 9 feet

Manoeuvering the front vertical arm into position

Moving front vertical arm forward into position

Putting M10 bolts in place

Mission accomplished, Part 1
Sending 2nd vertical arm upwards
Getting 2nd arm into position

Another bolter at work

Just enough head room!
Attaching service crane
Service crane at ceiling height (about 17 feet) on top of back vertical arm

View from below - service crane in place on top of  2nd vertical arm

Mission accomplished, Part 2!
Whew! Now for the cables

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Adding the horizontal arms

Planning the first move

Swinging counterbalance arm into position

Thinking it through

Counterbalance arm almost there

Adjusting level of counterbalance arm

Getting it right

Winding-drum area now 9 feet up
Bringing bucket-wheel arm across

Adjusting swivelling pin position
Inspecting the afternoon's work

Bucket-wheel from below

Both arms installed

View from below - bucket-wheel arm

The team of heavy-lifters relaxes