Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Associated Press (AP) Television - Man attempts world's largest Meccano model

"Weighing 1.3 tonnes, it took retired lecturer, Graham Shepherd five years to make his coal extractor model.  Measuring 12.5 metre long by 4.9 metre high (41 by 16 foot) Bagger 288 coal extractor is a labour of love."

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Wikipedia article on Meccano: mention of Bagger 288

Wikipedia article on Meccano:

......A contender for the largest model on record was built in 2014 by Graham Shepherd of Grahamstown, South Africa. The fully motorized Krupp 288 Bucket Wheel Excavator (as used on large opencast mining) is complete with auxiliary conveyors. Construction utilised Meccano parts as well as replica and strengthened parts (thickened profile plates and high tensile bolts in areas carrying large loads). Shepherd reports the model as being 1,335 kilograms (2,943 pounds) in mass and 17 ft tall. It required substantial timber support frames to facilitate final assembly..."