Thursday, 11 September 2014

Miscellaneous pictures (1-12)

Anchorage of a 25x3 mm strip below a support fin to prevent possible splaying of toroidal mainframe

2 and 1/2 " diameter brass bush to maintain parallel planes of lower plate of main fin and bridge support of crawlers

Steering thruster to swing a group of 4 main crawlers on central unit (note strong cantilever for delivery arm support)
Another view of the anti-splay mechanism

Stabiliser device to help prevent bridge supports rocking (aluminium collars & M12 thread rods)

More stairways on central unit
Motor/gearbox driving a double-sided winding drum which positions final delivery cross-slider on auxiliary unit.

Booster motor/roller in centre of 20 foot static conveyor

Cable sling to offloader arm
35 kg of concrete blocks at end of counterbalance arm

View of main winding drums from below (showing 4 drive motors)

Swivelling cable sling to offloader

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