Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Off-loader arm

The next section to be constructed was the long off-loader arm which worked out to be nearly 19 feet long.
As you will note from the above shot Bagger sections are now residing in the lounge of our home - more on this at a later stage!

Therre are two conveyor belts on this section.  The first is attached to the arm itself and goes to the halfway mark, approximately.  This conveyor offloads onto a second one which is carried in another frame which rides on brass train wheel (20 in total) on the underside of the main arm.

The below shot shows the positioning of 4 of the wheels:
 The above arrangement allows the distance between the main unit of the machine and the auxiliary unit (see photo of prototype) to be varied by a telescoping action.


  1. Here's a nice image of the actual monster: