Thursday, 24 January 2013

The auxiliary unit

I have also started the auxiliary unit which supports the other end of the long off-loader arm.  This is carried on three smaller crawler units whose frames can be seen in the shots below:
Auxiliary unit with final cross-slider
View of crawler frame support to auxiliary unit
Also visible in the above pictures is the final off-loader cross slider which incorporates another conveyor belt.  This is about 6 feet long.  This is the point where coal is finally offloaded from the machine onto the ground-based conveyor belts to the power station.
Motor-driven roller on the cross sliding unit
The cross slider conveyor belt is also driven by a window-winder motor (seen on right in above shot).
The support to all fifteen of the crawler frames is provided by 20mm stainless steel rods. These can be discerned in the auxiliary unit case by looking at the second shot above - in the middle of the crawler.

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